The Maharishi Vedic Astrology program -- Maharishi Jyotish program -- is the science of transformation and technology of prediction. It reveals the relationship of individual life with cosmic life and enlivens their fundamental basis in consciousness. It is a practical program which helps one to "avert the danger that has not yet come" and to take maximum advantage of the fortunate periods coming in one's life.

According to this traditional knowledge, prediction of future events is possible because the same orderly and sequential Laws of Nature which govern the evolution of the universe also govern the life of the individual. Knowing any one point in the sequence, such as the time and place of birth, an expert can mathematically calculate forwards and backwards in time. In this way the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program offers valuable predictive insights concerning tendencies in all areas of life -- health, partnerships, finances, education, career and family relationships.

A special feature of the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program is the availability of precise Vedic procedures, known as the Maharishi YagyaSM program, to help avert problems and to support good fortune in life. The Maharishi Yagya program helps to avoid future imbalances and is particularly necessary for anyone who is responsible for the well-being of others, such as parents, business managers, and teachers, because the destiny of others depends on their decisions.

Consultation Service

Maharishi Vedic Astrology Consultation This consultation covers all important areas of life, including health, finances, relationships with partners, profession, and spiritual development, and offers the opportunity to ask detailed questions. This analysis provides very helpful guidance to understand one's own strengths and weaknesses, helping one to make the right decisions in life.
Muhurta "Well begun is half done." Muhurta deals with the selection of favorable moments to begin undertakings. For example, a Maharishi Vedic Astrology program expert could examine a general time period given by an individual, such as a specific two-week period when a new business will be ready to be launched, and then help identify the most suitable day and hour for its inauguration
Compatibility Analysis This analysis helps to promote harmony and avoid unnecessary conflicts between two or more persons through a comprehensive analysis of their birth charts and their tendencies towards harmony or disharmony. It is useful before marriage or for any other kind of partnership, including business partnerships.
Maharishi Yagya Program Traditionally, jyotish has been used to diagnose problems, and yagyas have been used to help resolve them. The Maharishi Yagya program consists of Vedic performances by traditional Vedic pandits in India. According to this ancient knowledge, a Maharishi Yagya procedure, performed before the danger arises, can help neutralize negative influences so that they do not reach the individual, and life remains in tune with Natural Law. It is used to help avert undesirable circumstances or to enhance the success of an undertaking. Every Maharishi Yagya performance brings more Support of Nature to the individual and enlivens Natural Law for the benefit of the whole society. The Maharishi Yagya service is also included in the Maharishi Vedic Approach to HealthSM program for individuals with chronic disorders that is offered through Maharishi Medical Centers nationwide.

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