Executives use the Maharishi Vedic Astrology
program to make better business decisions

Many find mathematical system of prediction
an effective tool for predicting trends, averting problems

Experts from India to give consultations in U.S. cities

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Business is so fiercely competitive today that any tool that can provide reliable insights into market trends is quickly adopted by industry leaders.

That is the reason why an increasing number of executives and other professionals are turning to a mathematical science of prediction known as the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program.

They are finding that the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program gives precise and profound knowledge in all areas of life -- both personal and professional -- including health, finances, and relationships. They have also found it useful for making better, more informed decisions and avoiding future problems.

"For all the touting you hear today in business about systems to predict business trends, in my experience nothing has come as close to the accuracy, both immediate and long-term, as Maharishi Vedic Astrology," says Fred Gratzon, Chairman of Telegroup, the second fastest growing company in America, according to Inc. magazine..

Now experts in the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program are touring U.S. cities to give consultations.

We would like to suggest a story on this unique, highly effective new business tool. You could have your own consultation with a Maharishi Vedic Astrology program expert, as well as interview tour organizers about the growing interest in this discipline and local business people who are using the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program in their personal and professional lives.

Please call 1-888-532-7586 for more information or to schedule a consultation with a Maharishi Vedic Astrology program expert.


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